Why Positive People Make the Best Friends

I pride myself on being a realist.  However, sometimes it can be depressing always taking things as they are and not looking for the good in everything.  Luckily for me I have a handful of friends who are the opposite of me.  They are positive, uplifting, and courageous.

When I was thinking about starting this blog I had every reason in the world not to and that is all that was in my head.  What if it doesn’t work, what if no one gives a crap what I have to say, what if I don’t get enough followers?  I don’t have as much traffic as I like but I know that is because I have not MADE the time to sit down and work on that ( I keep saying I am going to schedule office hours, but you know life).  Anyway, a couple of my more positive friends had talked to me about blogging and it made me realize there was no harm in actually just trying it.  Even if it just continues to be a place for me to put my opinions and experiences out there it is worth doing. Positive people make the best friends because they help you step out of your comfort zone.

I have to give kudos to one of those people who had taken the leap to start her own business so she could work from home.  It has allowed her to be more present for her children and she has been so successful at it now for the last year (happy anniversary!).  I truly look up to her as she was confident enough to take that leap and she has never been happier.  I thank her for helping me take the leap to do this blog. Positive people make the best friends because eventually, even if it seems to take forever, they rub off on you.

My husband is more positive than I am too usually.  He has become so successful in his career and it is amazing to have watched him grow.  I am so lucky to have a husband who is driven and wants more out of life.  Positive people make the best friends because they help you through shit, and make you believe in yourself more because they have done great things.

The more positive people in my life are there for a reason. I believe that if they were not in my life I would not have the confidence to do half the things I do. Sometimes I wonder why they are my friends (they know who they are) but I am thankful that they are.  Positive people make the best friends because they give you confidence.

Someday maybe I will be a positive person…hahahaha.  Just kidding.

Author: Brandy Law

Brandy is a married mother of one boy. She has a degree in early childhood education and business. In addition to writing she loves to read and spend time with family and friends. She loves to make people laugh with her sarcasm, and to help people with their parenting dilemmas.

2 Comments on “Why Positive People Make the Best Friends

  1. I’m actually the positive friend! 🙂

    I completely agree with this. I think it’s so important to have a balance and I think that having friends who are opposite of you can really help achieve that 🙂

    xx nicole

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