Top 5 Delicious Hot Lunches for Your Child’s Thermos

When I was a kid my mom packed me lunch almost every day and sometimes it included a hot lunch in a thermos.

I totally forgot about this option as a parent.  So my son lived on peanut butter and jelly and lunchables last year.  Then it dawned on me that I could send him a hot lunch without paying $2.50 for a school lunch.

I researched and found this one which I really liked because it was small enough to fit in his lunch box and had a vacuum seal.  However, I then saw this Batman one and knew he had to have it.  I can’t wait to be able to send him a hot lunch.  Here the 5 main ones I will be incorporating.

  1. Whole Grain Rotini Pasta with your choice of sauce – My son loves alfredo and spaghetti sauce so I will probably alternate.  The great thing about most of these recipes is they can be made the night before and just heated up before they get put into the thermos.
  2. Ravioli – For when I am feeling lazy. 🙂
  3. Tomato Soup – My son loves tomato soup so this will be a real winner and you can get original goldfish crackers to add to it and what kids don’t like goldfish??? ( I definitely ate this for lunch yesterday,so go ahead momma you can eat it too!)
  4. Classic Chicken Noodle – You can’t go wrong with chicken noodle soup!
  5. Cooked Chicken – I will probably make chicken breast in my handy Pampered Chef round covered baker. I cannot even tell you awesome this thing is.  I put chicken breast in it, seasoned with salt and pepper, and microwave it for about 8 minutes and they come out so juicy!  I will throw some honey in his lunch box too to dip it in.

Back to school is already so stressful for some parents, when the excitement of having the kids out of the house wares off, that I hope making lunches a little easier helps.

What do you pack for your kids?

Author: Brandy Law

Brandy is a married mother of one boy. She has a degree in early childhood education and business. In addition to writing she loves to read and spend time with family and friends. She loves to make people laugh with her sarcasm, and to help people with their parenting dilemmas.

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