Why Time Without Your Significant Other is Good For You

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I am going to segway from parenting for a minute.  Let’s talk about the importance of having time to yourself and with your friends when you are in a relationship.  Some people can’t stand being away from their significant other. Some can’t stand being WITH their significant other, ha ha.  I think there is a happy medium.  We all have to remember that we are individuals first.  We are independent and have our own awesome qualities.  Our significant other also is an individual with awesome qualities (I hope).

Now, it is important to spend time with friends so that you can keep up other relationships and you don’t become dependent on your significant other.  The opposite is also true.  You can’t get upset when your significant other wants to spend time with their friends WITHOUT YOU.  I get that all relationships have that honeymoon phase where you want to spend as much time as possible with each other, but after about a year or so, that should calm down a bit.

For example, I sometimes go out to dinner with a group of my girlfriends.  It is so nice just going to dinner and spending two hours talking to each other without our significant others and our kids.  We also all hang out together as families and that is so meaningful too, but sometimes you just need that break.  Some other fun things I have done with friends include shopping, watching a movie at home, or getting a pedicure. Something on my list of future things is getting a hotel and ordering room service and chilling in the hot tub all evening.  Simple.

Another important thing is to spend time ALONE.  Rejuvenate.  Two things I do that I love are take a bath every evening with bubbles and go groceries shopping alone.  Bubbles and bath bombs are awesome.  I see DIY bath bombs on Pinterest, but really who has time for that?  Try these instead. Now, grocery shopping may not be fun for everyone but going alone is like a vacation for me.  I can go up and down the aisles at my own pace without hearing my son say, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…” and my husband veering off to look at something that WASN’T ON THE LIST.  🙂 Thank goodness for apps like Ibotta. I have earned cash back on so many items, especially when my hubby throws a few extras in the cart. If you haven’t’ downloaded that and used it sign up here.

Something else to go along with this, which I will be writing a future blog about, is the importance of time alone with your significant other.  Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks. To be notified when this comes, sign up below!



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