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Dear Parents Who Take Your Kids On Vacation

So we just got back from a 7 day vacation.  It was our first vacation in 5 years and let me tell you it was much-needed.  We had a great time spending about 4 and a half days in Disney World and then 3 days in Saint Augustine, Florida. Both places were fun and relaxing for the most part and going back to work today was pretty hard.  Back to reality as they say.

One part of Disney really sticks out in my mind and it has nothing to do with my family.  I knew I would see some crappy parenting and annoying kids, but this particular incident stuck out for some reason.  My husband and I were sitting on a bench at Epcot waiting on his mom and our son to come back from their Easter egg hunt.  We noticed this couple arguing.  I watched them for a bit and then turned away.  Literally 10 minutes later they had moved to another spot but were still arguing very obviously to us who were a good 30-40 feet away.  Waving arms and bobbing heads.  Meanwhile, their son was sitting on the bench waiting patiently.  I wanted to go up to them and say, “Your son is having a great time at what is supposed to be the most magical place.  Great job.”

I realize that this is life and couples have arguments.  To continue to do it for that long though and in front of your children is horrendous.  I guess the good thing is that they weren’t yelling at him.  My vacations as a kid were not great.  We did go to Disney and the beach almost every year.  My mom, though, was miserable for some reason and really took it out on me.  I vowed to make sure that my son had great memories of vacations.  If my husband and I were not agreeing that would be fine, but it would have to wait to be discussed because it was about him not us.

So, to all of the parents who take their kids on vacation, please remember that it is supposed to be a happy time filled with great memories. They will remember it whether it is good or bad and wouldn’t you want it to be good?  Just try to be more conscious about what you are saying or doing, but more so when you’re on vacation.

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Author: Brandy Law

Brandy is a married mother of one boy. She has a degree in early childhood education and business. In addition to writing she loves to read and spend time with family and friends. She loves to make people laugh with her sarcasm, and to help people with their parenting dilemmas.

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