5 Reasons Why I Am Having Only 1 Kid

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I have so much respect for parents who have multiple children. Go you!  I just don’t have it in me.  Some people seem to think I am crazy and think they know better and that we will have more kids.  We won’t.  Here is why (besides the fact that my hubby is fixed HA).

  1. I want to give my child everything. Not in the spoiled brat way, but every opportunity possible to make him have a great life.  I want to be able to pay for his college tuition.  Maybe buy him a car when he is able to drive. YIKES. Not to mention day care costs, summer camp costs, going fun places.  A family of 3 going to an amusement park for one day is going to cost, on average, over $300 when you include food and drinks.  With multiple kids, you may not be able to do as many fun things.
  1. Treating them differently. I don’t care who you are, or how good of a parent you are. If you have more than one child, you treat them differently.  Now, in some ways you should since they are different people.  However, when it comes to rules, discipline, gifts, etc. they should be treated the same.  We have all heard about the oldest, middle, and youngest child syndrome.  It is absolutely true, so I am avoiding that all together.
  1. Time. Between work, my home, my husband, my dog, and my son, my time is stretched thin. I am a big believer that each child needs one-on-one time. I can’t imagine doing that with multiple children.
  1. My Husband’s Job. Unfortunately, my husband has a pretty hefty commute for work so that leaves me with doing most of the household stuff on top of parenting during the week. This can be stressful and trying at times so having multiple children to clean up after, teach, do homework with, etc. would be exhausting.
  1. Less for Him To Worry About. I have a younger brother and sister. We have been through a lot.  So, I am constantly worried about them.  Whether they are okay, if they will be successful in life, if they are happy.  I always say the best gift I can give to my son is to not have siblings to worry about. I wouldn’t trade them for the world and love them dearly but sometimes I worry so much it makes me sick.

Some people say we should have more kids because if something happens to us he won’t have siblings.  Luckily for us, all of our friends have kids and our son is close with them.  He has cousins.  It is not like we have no one else around us that will be there for him if and when something does happen.  I don’t judge parents who have multiples, and I wish people wouldn’t judge me for only having one.

Author: Brandy Law

Brandy is a married mother of one boy. She has a degree in early childhood education and business. In addition to writing she loves to read and spend time with family and friends. She loves to make people laugh with her sarcasm, and to help people with their parenting dilemmas.

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